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Why choose ink for your project?

You want to develop a piece of clothing that will be worn and cherished for years? Our main objective is to deliver a product that matches your high expectations! In order to achieve this we like to help you choosing the right product and the most appropriate printing or embellishment technique.

The right shirt

Choosing the right product is a first crucial step, but in vast market of imprintable textile this is easier said than done.
The typical online catalogue will offer you a whole list of choices, often with only the price as only clear and distinguishable differentiation. The result is often a wrong choice and a disappointment when you get the final product in your hands.

At INK we believe in the credo “less is more”, which is why we decided to present a selection of high quality brands and products, all of them matching our “boutique” quality standards. To put it straightforward: we only offer products that fit in the racks of your favorite clothing shop. Next to that, we know, tried, tested and approved any product we propose. This allows us to give you the right advice helping you to make a choice perfectly in line with your needs.

Don’t despair if you don’t find the product you’re looking for in our offer. INK’s broad network of suppliers allows us to find solutions for any special requests you might have and if it is not available as an off the shelf product we can have it produced on demand.


The right print

The second step consists in choosing the right printing or embellishment technique and in some cases the fine tuning of the artwork.

By combining know how with an extensive offer of high quality embellishment techniques we assure that your artwork and the garments become one consistent qualitative end product that fully matches your expectations. This can only be achieved by working together with several top quality printing and embroidery ateliers, each of them with their own specialties and specific know how built up over several decennia doing what they do best.

Depending on the garment choice and the embellishment technique some fine-tuning of the designs might be appropriate. After all, a piece of clothing is no sheet of paper or a computer screen, so here also we put our experience at your disposal in order to make the right decision in order to guarantee an optimal result.


At ink we differentiate ourselves by being close to our customers and giving them the required feedback. We feel responsible to deliver you the right product, that is a product that matches or surpasses your expectations.

In Brussels

Our showroom is located in the creative heart of the city. A visit can be very helpful to go through the process of choosing the right shirt and the right print. We take the time to hear about your project and assist you in taking the right decisions.


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