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Our first objective is to deliver products that will be cherished and worn. Besides the quality of the clothing the print plays a crucial role in order to achieve this. Artwork and print technique should form a coherent entity with the apparel. We work together with our customers to develop artwork concepts that will seduce their target public.

The right ink for you

The standards used in the printwear industry have been based on ease of use and predictability. Consequently the large majority of prints are thick pvc based plastisol prints or transfer prints. While transfers and plastisol screen prints certainly have their place in the market, they are not adapted for all types of artworks and garments.

There is a clear trend to soft, subtle prints, printed in the fabric (rather than a layer on top of the fabric). This trend is in line with the evolution to light and fluid fabrics. In order to achieve this, waterbased and discharge inks are best adapted.

Learn more about the benefits of water based & discharge ink.

Printing Techniques


The garments we print on have no branding in the neck. This offers the possibility to brand the products with your own logo. Printing techniques offer accessible solutions to label even the smallest quantities. It’s your brand after all!

Find out more about the possibilities we offer to brand your products.


Eco friendly

Our objective to reduce our environmental impact is also reflected in the printing techniques we use. We promote the use of water based inks, not only because of the aesthetic benefits but also because of the lower environmental impact.


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